COVID - 19 Procedures

We are still available for flight instruction and discovery flights during COVID-19. We have implemented measures to increase safety for our flight instructors and students during this time. 

> Masks will be worn for all ground school and ground operations. 

> Masks cannot be worn while flying, as they would impede communication through the headset. Instead, both flight instructor and student will take their temperatures on site prior to getting in the aircraft. If either has a temperature above 100.4°F, the lesson will be cancelled. 

> Any areas used (ground school location, aircraft interior, etc.) will be cleaned after use. 

> Students will need to provide their own headset for lessons, and headsets will be provided for discovery flights and be cleaned as best as possible between uses.  

> If either the flight instructor or student has the following symptoms, the lesson will be cancelled: 

o Fever above 100.4°F 

o Persistent Cough 

o Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing 

o Fatigue 

o Muscle or body aches 

o New loss of taste or smell 

> If we are made aware that anyone who has participated in our program has tested positive for COVID-19, we will immediately inform all of our students who have participated in the previous 14 days that they may have been exposed. We will not offer any flights or lessons for 14 days following the date of potential exposure or until a negative COVID-19 test can be verified.