Our Aircraft

Silsby Aviation owns and operates two aircraft.  


A classic Cessna 172L Skyhawk which is fully equipped for VFR and IFR training and flying. Our Skyhawk is equipped with state of the art GTN 650 GPS Nav/Coms, Garmin digital VHF radios and new four-place audio panels. 

A brand new Vashon Ranger R7 light sport aircraft (LSA) equipped for VFR flying. The Ranger comes with a full Dynon glass panel avionics suite with autopilot, which meets the FAA's requirements for a Technically Advance Aircraft (TAA). This means you can complete some of your commercial certification requirements at a fraction of the cost compared to more traditional planes that were previously required (and hard to find for training). 

We believe this is a great combination of affordable aircraft that can meet almost anyone's requirements for training and make it fun and easy along the way. 

Aircraft Rates

N164VR R7 Ranger
$115 per hour (wet)
N3979Q C172L Skyhawk
$150 per hour (wet)
$65 per hour